Match A Matcha


On March 31st we had ourselves a vivacious evening with the launch of our Matcha Vodka Infusion Kit. Here are some impressions of the event.

The launch of our Matcha Vodka Infusion Kit on March 31st was a great success. With the team of Our/Berlin Vodka, Thomas Henry, and yours truly, P & T – we were prep’d to Berlin’s stylistic standards to present to hundreds of guests our delicious new refreshment: Matcha infused vodka, topped with gingerale and a zesty orange peel.


Held at our Berlin-Mitte store the event saw through a beautiful early spring sundown. The party spilled onto the sidewalk with our supporters jolly with an all-too-healthy looking green beverage in hand. Whether the Matcha, or the Vodka, or the ingenious combination of the two, the refills continued until it was drunken dry.

Thanking all those who were in such high spirits and took part in this lovely occasion with us!





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